Jumping into creating Instagram Reels can be intimidating, but don’t let the intimidation hold you back. Just avoid making these five common mistakes and you’ll be on your way to creating an effective reel to help grow your account. If you are new to creating video content on Instagram you might be thinking:

  • I’m not sure how to get started because I don’t wanna learn a trendy dance
  • How am I going to get sales from making Reels?
  • The amount of time I spend creating reels doesn’t create any return

If you can relate to any of those thoughts, leave it to us to give you some direction! We want to see you succeed just as much as you do!

1. Only Copying Trends

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Instagram is copying what everyone else is doing. Just because a trend is popular, doesn’t mean it will work for your brand. If your account is full of the same content as everyone else, followers will quickly lose interest. Try to be true to your brand and create content that is authentic to you.

Don’t get me wrong, copying trends is a great way to create content that the current users are already enjoying, but do not copy it EXACT as it’s done. Make it your own!

2. Making Reels Without a Goal

Have you ever scrolled through your social media and seen a video that catches your eye, just to realize the video has nothing to do with the company attached to it? This strategy is used in hopes of getting viral… but typically results in low views and no traction.

When creating a reel, make sure you have a goal in mind. whether that be increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or getting more followers. It’s okay to create entertaining content, but it’s important for the majority of the content to relate to your company so the people following your account are actually interested in what you have to offer.

3. Fixating on Views

Another huge mistake we see brands and business owners making is focusing solely on going viral and having a high amount of views. This goal is faulty because it’s not the purpose of creating reels. It is far more important to create content tailored to your loyal followers and those who are interested in the content you are creating. If you have quality, consistent content with a consistent brand experience, then the views will come over time.

Sometimes your reels might not get more views than your number of followers, don’t worry. This is completely normal. Going viral won’t help you in the long run. Making content that provides value to your current community is far more important.

4. Not Batch Creating Reels

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have time to waste. Save yourself time and a headache by creating large batches of content all at once. This will allow you to have content queued up and ready to go. When you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to create a new reel, you can easily post an older one that is still relevant. This also helps keep your account active even when you’re too busy to create something new.

Take time out of your day every couple of weeks to plan out all of the reels you want to film and spend an afternoon filming them all at once. This will help reduce stress and increase the quality of your reels.

5. Overthinking Posting Time and Hashtags

When it comes to creating content for social media, there are some things you just can’t control. Such as when your followers will be online and what hashtags they will use. Don’t waste your time stressing over these things because they won’t help you create better content.

Instead, focus on creating the best possible content that you can with the resources you have. The time you post and hashtags you use aren’t going to make or break the performance of the reels.

Stop making these 5 reels mistakes and you’ll be on your way to creating better content! Remember, it’s important to be true to your brand and create content that is authentic to you. Don’t get caught up in copying trends and trying to go viral. Focus on creating content that is tailored to your followers and those who are interested in what you have to offer. Lastly, don’t waste time stressing over things you can’t control. Instead, focus on creating the best possible content!