Creating a website can be a daunting task. Whether your business has been around for a while now or it’s a brand new start-up, taking the leap of faith to design a website may seem like your worst nightmare. A well-designed website is more than how it looks; it drives user engagement and is a pain point for users. At Social By Claire, we believe every website should tell a story. 

For many business owners, the thought of designing a website can be overwhelming. We hope that we can provide some ease during this stressful process. Here are the top factors to consider when creating a website:

who is the website for?

Start by understanding who you are designing the website for. When you keep in mind the demographic of your ideal customer, this makes the design aspect of your website a piece of cake. For example, studies have shown Gen Z favors an authentic, bold, and visually appealing brand. When designing a website geared towards their demographic, don’t lose sight of the customer because this website isn’t about you. It’s about addressing a pain point for your customers.

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what type of website?

Another aspect to keep in mind while constructing a website is the type of website you want for what you are trying to portray to viewers. This step is vital for the overall design and layout of a website. WordPress is one of our favorite platforms for a website with primarily blog content. Some types of website content may include:

  • Informational
  • Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Interactive
  • Blog content
  • Product content

distinguish your home page from landing pages

While designing a website, establishing your home page as something different from your landing pages is something to keep in mind. Identifying the difference is key to giving your customers the best brand experience by providing quick access to the information they are looking for. The home page is the initial reaction and introduction to a company. A landing page is typically accessed from the home page as a hub to access more information addressing information that speaks to what the customer is seeking. 


One of the most critical aspects of designing a website is the overall look and layout of the presented information. A simple structure that is easy to understand is vital for keeping users on the website and not clicking off. Research how your competitors have created their website to implement smaller components you know will work. While keeping the content user-friendly and straightforward will prevent confusion through the portrayal of your content. 


At Social By Claire, we know how intimidating it can be to start a website. If designing a website is too much for you, reach out to our SBC team, and we can get you started on the right path! After reading this blog, we hope you feel more comfortable with taking the leap of faith to design a website you are proud to showcase to the world.