A very common question I get asked is: “When and how often should I be posting on Instagram?”

This can vary based on what type of business you are running. Generally, posting 3-4 times per week will help you to seem relevant on Instagram + Facebook. If you post more, great! If you post less, we’ll work on it.

The most important thing I tell my clients is to ONLY post when you have relevant content to share with customers. If you’re posting just to post, your customers will pick up on that and they will be turned off from your account.

Above is the Instagram post that we created to show you exactly what times to post each day of the week.

(click here to view Instagram post)

The best times to post on Instagram are as follows:

Monday – 5am

Tuesday – 6am

Wednesday – 6am

Thursday – 5am

Friday – 6am

These early times first thing in the morning gives potential clients the ability to see these posts right when they wake up. Tell me I’m wrong, but doesn’t everyone grab their phone and surf through Instagram first thing in the morning like it’s their morning paper? The answer is yes. So it’s time to get into those people’s feed right away in the morning!

Typically speaking, the 5 days of the work week are the best days to post since the weekends are when people take breaks from their work life. This way, you are catching their eye with your content when they are in work mode, rather than relaxation mode.

I know those times seem ridiculously early, BUT there are ways to make it simpler!

Here are some tips to create better posts and post on time:

  1. Create content in advance. When you create content in advance, it ensures that the content is high quality. Plus, you’re not stressing out creating content!
  2. Use a scheduling program. There are SO many of them out there. But specifically there are Planoly, Later, and Hootsuite. Personally, I love Later!
  3. Set a reminder on your calendar. That way, your phone will send you a reminder when you need to post for that day.

If you are struggling to find the time to create content and/or post, don’t worry because you are NOT alone. Even me, a social media manager, has times of “posting block”.

It’s okay! It’s something we can get through together.

This may not be your thing, but the way that I get motivated for the day is actually going to the gym. After the gym, I shower and eat a good breakfast before sitting down at my desk to start working. First, I make a to-do list for that day (because the satisfaction of crossing off tasks is unlike anything else). Include all tasks that you need to get done that day so you don’t forget about anything!

I have a specific notebook I use for all things work, and it is FULL of to-do lists!

Create a section of this notebook dedicated to post to-do lists. Create a list of what posts you need to create along with post ideas you come across. Having an ongoing list of post ideas will help your “posting block” to not last long.

Another tip I have practiced within my business’ social media is to create all of the content for the month in one day. That way, you have things to work with all month and don’t have to scramble to come up with ideas! However, if you have “posting block” and can’t come up with those posts in one day, take a couple of the easier posts and create those first.

The main piece of advice I give to all of my clients who express that they are not creative, is to GET CANVA!!! Guys, I’m serious. This amazing application has millions of designs for all occasions ready to go and be personalized. The amount of time Canva will save you is incredible. So, make it easier on yourself! Not everyone is creative in the social media realm, and that’s okay. Just use your resources.