Is it time that you put the phone away? Become more intentional and in the moment? During this time of life, it almost seems impossible to escape from a social media addiction. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter- the list goes on. If you’re finding that you’re mindlessly scrolling more often than you’d like to admit, it may be time for a change.

Social media is one of the best ways for business growth and keeping up with content that your followers enjoy such as life updates, motherhood, recipes, you name it! Though we aren’t telling you to remove yourself from social media completely, setting up healthy boundaries is the perfect way to take control of your life again.

Here are Four Tips to Help Break the Social Media Addiction:

1) Understand Your Relationship With Social Media

The first step is to be honest with yourself about the role social media plays in your life. Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling when you should be working? Do you compare your life to others’ highlight reels? Get real about how social media makes you feel, both good and bad.

2) Set Limits and Stick to It

If you aren’t familiar with Apple’s Screen Time feature, now is the time to take advantage of this easy way to limit your screen usage. Just go to Settings > Screen Time > App Limits > Add Limit and then choose the app you want to put a limit on. By using this feature you can choose what time certain apps can be used, how much time you can spend on certain apps, and even set aside time that apps can’t be used at all.

If you post at the same time everyday on social media, adjust your limits to fit that because we are still firm believers in the use of social media for companies.

3) Plan Content Ahead of Time

One of the main reasons people get sucked into social media is because they feel like they have to be constantly posting new content. If you can, try to batch your content creation so that you’re not scrambling to come up with something new every day. Planning ahead will also help you be more intentional about the content you’re sharing.

The key to social media is creating valuable content for your target audience in an easy, digestible way.

One of our favorite platforms for scheduling out content is Later. Later makes our life easier because it allows us to schedule out content in advance, thus taking away the stress of always thinking about social media.

4) Respond to DMs with Voice Memos

If you haven’t thought of this before, here is your golden nugget for the day. This hack is by far the most valuable because it not only saves time, it takes away the endless back and fourth game. Not only does this hack save your time, it shows your followers that you are the one communicating with them and not a team member.

Your life doesn’t have to be taken over by social media. These tips and tricks will help you to be more intentional with the time you’re spending on social media and make the most of it.

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