This question has been brewing throughout the digital marketing world for some time now. Is the time, effort, and energy worth sacrificing for the social media of a business?

The answer is yes. Social media is a complete waste of time… if it is done incorrectly. Now how do you know if you are using it correctly? Here is our list of the biggest social media mistakes companies are making on their platforms:

Social Media is a Waste of Time if…

It is not Prioritized

If a company uses social media marketing to market its company, posting needs to be a priority. Consistency is key when it comes to growing your platform. A company can’t gain any traction on social networking sites without it.

Our favorite platform for scheduling out our content is Later. This website allows you to plan out months-worth of content while automatically posting it at a customizable time. Later makes it easy to organize content and you can use our best times to post on Instagram planner to optimize posts.

Social Media is a Waste of Time if…

The Content is Irrelevant

As you are designing content to post for the world to see, keep in mind your call to action. A call to action is the reason behind the post. Studies have shown that a CTA can increase conversion rates by 83%. Call to action is a big deal! So, create content that followers can relate to, or this mistake will dilute your brand’s image.

Social Media is a Waste of Time if…

You aren’t Engaging

The biggest secret for company growth on social networks is to ENGAGE. Remember, the goal is to SOCIAL-ize. As a company owner, you need to be engaging with your target customers. Set aside time after posting to:

  • Reply to messages on your posts
  • Reach out to potential customers and give them more information about your product/service
  • Engage with the hashtags used on your page

Engagement not only helps boost Instagram Insights, but it builds a relationship with your customers and fuels trust with the consumer. If you are looking for more information on how to engage on social media, check out our blog post!

Social Media is a Waste of Time if…

You Don’t see it’s Worth

Nowadays, we live in a culture where companies feel obligated to start an account on Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook for their business. One of the worst mistakes a company can make is posting because they feel like they have to. Please avoid falling into this trap, because I can guarantee that the return on the investment will not be worth it.

Go into social networking with the right mindset of forming relationships with customers to build your brand name! Take advantage of the benefits of using a strong following over Instagram or Facebook to optimize your business. Do you still need more convincing to use social media? Looking for more information, check out why you should use social media for your business.