So, many of us have heard that Instagram have dropped game changing updates in the past few days. But what are these updates and what do they mean for us business owners?

Instagram recently released these two updates:

1.) Link Stickers

2.) Instagram Collabs

Both of these updates are available for ALL accounts, not just for the verified Instagram users.

Link Stickers are easy ways to bring viewers to a blog, a website, a video, or really anywhere you’d like them to go! In the past, Instagram gave you the ability to “swipe up” on stories. Recently, Instagram took this feature down, and the only accounts that were granted the ability to have a link feature were the verified accounts.

The only downfall? This feature is NOT available for business accounts…

The only cheat for this is to send people to your bio and have a link there. I know, bummer. Hopefully Instagram will fix this soon!

Here’s how to use these Link Stickers!

Click the “Elements” button.
Click on the “Link Sticker”.
Type in your URL, and you’re good to go!

Instagram Collabs are a brand new thing that have recently been introduced to the platform.

Now, we are able to post one piece of content + collab with another person! That way, both accounts share insights and the post is shown on both accounts regardless of who posted it.

This is a great way to get content to be seen by more followers, and an easier way to do giveaways with other accounts! People are loving this new ability, since it’s a more efficient way to grow your insights and interact with more people.

Here’s how to use Instagram Collabs!

Create a new post and click “Tag People”.
Click “Invite Collaborator”.
Type in the collaborator’s handle!

Overall, Instagram is wanting more users on Instagram, especially businesses who pay for ads. That being said, they are trying to give us as many features as we want! These two features are very helpful and are awesome to learn how to use!

4 ways to utilize these new features:

1.) Grab the viewers attention

A strong call-to-action is important in any post, but especially when you’re asking the viewer to engage with something other than what they’re looking at. They need to be intrigued enough to follow your instructions! It could be as simple as using a bright color in your CTA or contrasting it against the background. For example, if you have a dark post with a light CTA, it will stand out more and be more likely to get clicked on!

This could look different depending on what the link is sending people to. You could say “SALE RUNNING THROUGH MIDNIGHT” or “Read my latest blog to find out why…” or “Wanna find out more?”

2.) Use engaging graphics

If you are just using text on a screen, no one is going to want to read what you have to say. BUT if you use interesting and engaging graphics with bright colors, then you will grab their attention and they’ll want to read more! You could highlight key words in your text to draw the viewer’s attention. This is just another way of making things more interesting! You can do it through underlining, bolding or italics.

3.) Have a good deal

Why should someone collaborate with you? Why should the viewer want to partake in whatever you’re offering? You need to be able to have a good deal and sell it hard!

Make sure you always have a CTA at the end of your post! This could be anything from “follow us on Instagram for more!” to “shop our latest collection now!” Be sure to make it clear and easy for them to do what you want them to do!


4.) Collaborate with someone who is bigger than you, but near equal

You don’t want to overshoot and try to collaborate with someone that has 50k more followers than you. But collaborating with someone who has a couple thousand more followers than you with a loyal customer base, then you will see great results with your collaboration! Tell them what you bring to the table, too.

When it comes to Instagram, think about what you want your followers to do when they see your posts. Do you want them to click on a link to a blog post? Or maybe visit your website? Maybe you just want them to like or comment on the photo? Whatever it is, make your intentions clear to your audience. After you try these features, tell us how you like ’em!After you try these features, tell us how you like ’em!