Are you looking to add links to your Instagram story? Well, you are in the right place! Unfortunately, Instagram no longer has the swipe-up link feature, but there is a feature for adding links to stories. So it is similar to swiping up, just a little different (and much better).

Along with the swipe-up link removal, there is no longer a 10k follower minimum as a requirement to add these essential resources. The people spoke, and Instagram listened, now users can add these links without this frustrating rule. 

What is with all the fuss about the Instagram swipe-up feature?

Before the new update on Instagram, companies used the Instagram swipe-up feature to create a clear path for viewers to their website, products, blogs, etc. This seems too good to be true, though… there was a catch. To use this excellent feature, the account was required to have 10k followers as the minimum amount. This 10k follower rule made users furious. Though there were a couple of ways to get around it, the solutions weren’t the same. Some of those variations included:

  1. Shopping tags
  2. Paid Instagram ads
  3. IGTV

What is the Instagram link sticker?

Once Instagram removed the swipe-up feature in August, the Instagram sticker feature was born! This allowed users to add an external link to drive followers to their page. There were several advantages with this new update, such as allowing for more engagement with the reply and reactions features to stories. These allow for more creative engagement on accounts to design polls, music, and even location tags. 

How to add an Instagram sticker on stories?

Before starting to design a sticker for an Instagram story, one of the best tips we can give you for any post, is to clearly outline your call to action to optimize the hard work put into each story. A clear call to action is vital for taking the engager onto the next step with your content! 

For more information on what a call to action is, click here!

Take advantage of the ease of utilizing stickers in stories by following a step-by-step tutorial to create a link sticker:

Create an Instagram Story

There is a plus sign in the upper right-hand corner when the app is opened. When the pop-up menu opens, a few options will appear (post, reel, story, story highlight, live, guide), select story. A few different directions can be taken from here to post onto a story, such as a story, video, or a feed post by using the airplane button in the corner. 

Add the Link Sticker

When the story type is chosen, tap on the sticker icon in the top row and scroll through the options to find the link sticker to apply. From there, type in the URL and include a call to action (e.g., click here to learn more). 

Customize it!

All of the hard work is finished. Let’s get into customizing it to fit your brand. To move the sticker from one place to another, tap it and drag it to where you want it on the story. Then, to change the size, simply use two fingers to adjust, and this is also how to rotate it. Once the story is live, viewers can tap on the icon to be taken to whichever URL was applied. 

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