All about the SBC team!


Claire Ficek

Hello! I am the CEO and founder of Social By Claire! I have always been passionate about social media, as well as helping entrepreneurs grow their business and brand experience on social media.

I am a Minnesota girl at heart, so you can usually find me outside with my pups, going on a walk, or on the lake. I am currently a freshman at the University of Mississippi, so you might here an occassional "hey y'all" during our conversations!

I started this business in hopes of making my passion into a career. Just one year later, that hope really has become a reality. I care about every business I work with, and I am so proud of the work my team does. Contact us today if you have any questions!


Kalie Stewart

Kalie is the Blog Expert and SEO Consultant at Social By Claire. When a client needs direction on how to optimize their website and blogs, Kalie completes a thorough analysis of their key competitors to design a step-by-step process to rank on Google.

Kalie is currently based in Minneapolis where she is attending North Central University pursuing a degree in marketing! She is easily the sweetest person you'll every meet...not to mention she always has a smile on her face.

She believes every company can benefit from the use of social media marketing and hopes that Social By Claire can work with your company to help it reach its full potential!


Katie Harder

Katie is the one of the client managers at Social By Claire. When clients need help creating their brand experience or solidifying the brand they have, Katie is your girl! She creates visuals + posts that represent the client's brand perfectly.

Katie is a dancer, so you can either find her on the dance floor or on her phone working away! Katie is incredibly creative and has a constant flow of ideas coming from her. Not to mention she is one of the hardest workers I know. She was the perfect addition to the SBC team.

She knows that with the help of Social By Claire, any client can make their business goals a reality. Katie looks forward to working with you!


Ellie Anastasia

Ellie is a client manager at Social by Claire. Ellie creates content and posts to fit the clients brand, and also helps with editing and making your brand more consistent across all platforms. She has a creative eye for what your target market is looking for, and genuinely cares about seeing you succeed!

Ellie is also a dancer, which is where her hard work and determination comes from. She may be quiet, but she is dedicated to our clients and our team. We absolutely love having Ellie on the SBC team.

She believes that social media can truly make a brand, and Social by Claire can make that happen.


Mady Kate Tatum

MK is the content creator for Social By Claire. She is specialized in everything branding for our business, and creates the visual piece for SBC. MK is creative and bubbly, just like the Social By Claire brand.

This gorgeous blonde is a freshman at the University of Mississippi and has lived in the south her whole life. You can usually hear that southern twang come out when she's inspired and fired up (but yes, you can understand her)! She loves the gym and her dogs, and is currently studying Integrated Marketing Communications with a focus in Fashion Marketing.

MK is passionate and creative about the work that she does in Social By Claire, and to know her is to love her.