Are you looking to increase your website conversions? You’ve come to the right place.

Adding a call to action (CTA) is one of the simplest ways to improve your landing page’s conversion rates.

But what should you write in your CTA? The key lies in understanding human behavior; all customers are different and will react differently to the different types of call-to-action. In this article, we’ll investigate the different types of call to action, and give you 5 examples that convert!

Call to Action: Shop Now!

“Our week-long sale starts today!”

This type of CTA makes a direct connection between an event or product and a command. “Today” This phrase creates excitement for viewers as it makes them feel like they are missing out if they don’t buy right now. The command of “shop now” is straightforward and takes little effort for the customer to complete.

Call to Action: Sign Up Now!

“Sign up now to receive an extra 20% off your purchase!”

This call-to-action is different from the first because it is less about creating urgency and more about offering additional benefits. “Extra 20% off” This benefit makes customers feel like they are getting a great deal, which in turn encourages them to sign up. The phrase “sign up now” is actionable and immediate, which increases the likelihood of the viewer completing the CTA.

Call To Action: Save Big!

“Get 3 Months of Unlimited Yoga Classes for $99.”

This CTA uses a common sales technique known as “price anchoring”. Anchoring customers to a specific price allows the sales team to show them the potential savings they can make by choosing their product. The use of “save big” within the CTA creates an emotional connection and urges customers to take action and save money.

Call To Action: Get The Guide Today

“Grow your Instagram account with these strategies.”

“Get the guide today” is a CTA that creates a sense of urgency within the viewer. Because it offers immediate action, the customer feels as if they need to take advantage of this offer quickly before it’s too late. It also appeals to a viewer’s desire for knowledge and social status by promising an opportunity to grow on social media.

Call-To Action: Download Free Report

“Download our 2017 Annual Report for free.”

This CTA uses the power of giving to create a positive connection between the viewer and your business. The use of “free” in this CTA is known as the Power Word because it creates an emotional reaction within most people and encourages them to act on it because of scarcity (something of value is only available to a select few).

Call-To Action: Read Reviews Now!

“See why our customers love us on Yelp!”

This type of CTA requires the viewer to click on the link within the ad, creating interest and more opportunities for View-Through Conversions. It also demands action from the customer and uses a social metric to encourage them to read the reviews, making it a great CTA for businesses that rely heavily on positive word-of-mouth.

Call-to-actions are a simple and effective way to drive more traffic and conversions on your landing pages. They typically only take a few seconds for the customer to see, but have a big impact on increasing your website’s conversion rate. If you aren’t sure which type of CTA will work best for your business, try out different variations to find the best one for your company, and let us know which one is your favorite!